Saturday, January 24, 2009

Build your own laser diode control system

Andy hasn't started blogging yet, so I wanted to put up a quick note. Andy designed and built a laser diode system using OEM parts from Thor Labs and elsewhere. Anthony and Larry helped him assemble it, and I think Linh helped with some of the latter parts too. We're going to use it with a 1 watt 690 nm laser diode for our optical tweezers (OT). The idea for doing this came from both Andy and Mark Williams, who visited us and told us that they really like using laser diodes for OT, because when the diode is shot, it's only $500 or less to replace it. The reason I'm posting now is because Andy has posted on OpenWetWare his detailed instructions for how to do build the setup. I've been encouraging him to do so, because I think his instructions could really help out a bunch of people around the globe who would like to assemble the same system. My over / under is six months before someone emails Andy to say, "Thank you / one more question:". If you take a look at the page, I think you will agree with my conclusion that two things kick ass:
  • The laser diode system that he built
  • Andy for writing up and illustrating such amazing instructions

Thank you, Andy!


  1. Hello Steve

    Great technique to make your own laser diode systems.

    Keep Posting Steve!!

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