Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi from New Mexico!

My name is Anthony and I am one of the first grad student members of the KochLab. I will come with news of all sorts for everyone to read. I will describe what it is like to be a graduate student and what it is that I do here. I will also be telling you some funny stories from the lab.

I come from the internet age I suppose. What does this mean? Well in science right now there seems to be 2 groups. Science 1.0 and Open Science. Science 1.0 is the old way of doing things. 1.0ists will discuss science with others, but they certainly wouldn't broadcast it out there for the world. I would fit more in with the open science crowd.

What is open science? Just think of Wikipedia. Everything known, and hypothesized is published there and anyone can come and read it and others still can contribute to the general knowledge. The KochLab are members of OpenWetWare which is a community of open scientists that want to share their research with the world. We joined because the PI (Steve Koch) wanted to be able to join the "open" world while still being able to protect himself from unseen harms as a new PI with a new lab.

We call our research interface the Wiki because we can post and edit each other's work (on OpenWetWare) just like you could on Wikipedia. We have two aspects, one is a private wiki and the other is public. As of now most of the students (and Koch himself) make great use of the private, but not so much on the public site. This is all going to change real soon...

I am going to take the leap into open science by broadcasting all my work in the public light. You can follow our lab work on our page as well as follow along here. Other lab stuff include facebook groups, citeulike, a youtube channel, and soon to be many more. You can also follow my personal life (non science stuff) on my own blog.

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