Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andy's microtubule gliding speed data for heavy-hydrogen and heavy-oxygen water

It has been a very long time since I updated our research blog.  I have left out many, many important updates, including all of Larry's results, that led to his recent graduation as our lab's first to receive a Ph.D.!  He also got a job that he even likes, so I am quite remiss in my updates.  I do apologize, and I would promise that I will keep up to date more, but I know none of you would believe that.

I actually am much better at keeping updates going out on FriendFeed.  I don't know how long FriendFeed will be around, but for now it is still working OK and is an easier platform for posting information and discussing.  So, I am going to embed a FriendFeed post below that describes Andy Maloney's latest results with the microtubule gliding assay for kinesin-1.  He has worked very hard for two years, and along with Larry Herskowitz has produced a robust and efficient system for studying microtubule gliding speeds in the gliding assay.  I am really proud of both of them for the system they've produced!

Below will be the FriendFeed update, and here are some relevant links:
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